Health Camps

Many thousands of patients have been successfully treated through Marma therapy, in various situations like hospitals, clinics and health camps. Feedback from the patients and its further application and further research and feedback, in a continuous cycle, has now resulted in a powerful body of therapeutic knowledge. As a non-medicinal and non surgical intervention, Marma Chikitsa can now deal with a wide range of diseases, including orthopaedic and neurological disorders including paralysis, diabetes, anxiety, abdominal discomforts and backaches, and also provide therapy averting the need for various kinds of surgery. These diseases and many more have been treated in various health camps over the last several years.

Innumerable health camps, administering Marma therapy, have been conducted in several places. They began in the Uttarkashi region, around Malla. initiated by the Manav Kalyan Mission. Subsequently, the camps have spread to small and big places like Haridwar and Rishikesh in Uttarakhand, Fazilka, Moga and Jullunder in Punjab, Vrindavan, Luknow, Hathras and Agra in UP, Gohana in Haryana, and Bangalore and Mauritius. Usually the camps are for 2 days and service around 300 to 1000 patients, sometimes with routine problems, sometimes with serious problems and many times with astounding and unthinkable results. Patients are given instruction in their own follow-up by self-Marma therapy. Usually the doctor operates with a small team of volunteers, and the entire medical service is provided free of any charge