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Marma Points Are Inherent in Human Postures

In this universe a number of species of animals and plants are in existence, along with the human being. According to Indian mythology, eighty four lakh species are in existence in this world. The soul then comes into the human being crossing all these species.

All species have their own identity and some specific property/value along with their posture. In yogic texts, forty eight lakh postures are enumerated, but with the descriptive importance only eighty four postures are discussed. Among them, in the light of practice and response, all these postures are not in use. Only some important ones are practiced regularly. Usually these postures are concerned with Hatha yoga asanas. It is apparent that these postures are popular for the prevention of disease, has therapeutic means in different diseases and for gaining energy.

Among these postures, only a few are related with the human being. A number of unusual animal-like postures are forcefully adopted. With these exercises it is accepted that we are gaining some special response for extraordinary purpose.

There is a strange fact to be noted here. Among all yogasanas, there are only three postures related to the human being: Garbhasana, Sukhasana and Shavasana. These relate to human life. But so many other asanas take their name from animals, plants and other forms of life. For example, Mayurasana, Shalabhasana, Kurmasana, Bhujangasana etc.

But does a lion adopt a tortoise posture or a snake adopt a peacocks posture for any benefit? So, why do we adopt postures based on other forms of life, overlooking human postures? The amazing fact is that in our ordinary human postures several marma points are inherent and get stimulated and give us great benefit.

As you know we adopt some postures for different routine or specific works. As for the cycle or motorcycle driving we have to adopt specific posture, official work or computer work needs sitting posture on chair, in the same way the human being adopts a number of poses during day-to- day life. A number of postures are adopted in sitting, standing and sleeping activities and these postures are very useful in all respects of life, because they are unconsciously and spontaneously stimulating marma points.

Many of these human postures are spontaneous and based on urges arising in the body and mind just as passing stools and urine. But if we acknowledge, recognize and implement/practise these urges of spontaneous human postures, which are the need of the body at that particular time, then we derive still greater benefit.

Now let us see some of these postures which we unthinkingly assume in day-to-day life and we were never aware that they serve us by stimulating our vital or marma points.

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