Marmas are vital points in the body. When they get injured it can cause harm  disability or severe pain or even death. Stimulation of these points can maintain health and cure a number of diseases.

Stimulating the Marma points activates appropriate brain centres to regulate / restore functioning of all systems of the human body through prana, because these Marma points are also the seat of prana.

By tappings, rubbing, knocking, gentle touch, alternate gentle pressure and release, vibrating the nerve, application of medicated oil or paste, adopting certain postures or concentrating the mind on the points. Instruments are not used, only the fingers

The difference is in the origin of the science, the basis of the therapy, the points themselves, the method and the result. (see link Marma and Acupressure)

Through Marma therapy some of the diseases can be handled are as follows:

All kinds of vata disorders, Arthritis, Cerebral palsy, Congenital brain / nerve lesions, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Eye and ear nerve problems, Migraine, Orthopaedic diseases, Pains in various parts of the body, Paralysis, Polio, Sciatica, backache, painful knee diseases, Spinal / vertebral column diseases, prolapses inter-vertebral disc / slipped disc, Spondylosis, Traumatic nerve lesions, vascular, skeletal lesions

From the Vedas. The anatomical consideration of Marma is discussed in the Susruta Samhita.

The basic pre-requisite is the motivation of selfless service. A medical background is an advantage in practice of therapy along with diagnostic capacity. Also, a willingness to adopt a definite lifestyle incorporating a daily routine of self-cultivation through Yogic, religious and self-Marma practices. Learning the practice of regular self-Marma therapy for maintaining health is open to anyone.

Mrityunjay Mission announces training courses from time to time independently or in collaboration with other institutions.