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These medical systems are holistic, close to Nature and the nature of the human being and invoke all dimensions of healing, bodily and spiritual. Apart from Ayurveda, which is well-known….

Feel the New World after Marma Therapy​

Marmas are vital points in the body. When they get injured it can cause harm disability or severe pain or even death. Stimulation of these points can maintain health and cure a number of diseases.

Parsvasandhi Marma

Vitapa Marma​

Kukundara Marma

Amsaphalaka Marma​

Krikatika Marma​

Janu Marma

Nabhi Marma

Dr. Sunil Joshi

Dr Sunil Joshi

Reader and Head of Department, Shalya-tantra, Additional Medical Superintendent, Government Ayurvedic College, Gurukul Kangri, Haridwar. Trustee-President Dr Sunil Kumar Joshi, M.D.Ay. (BHU)


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Benefits of Marma​

This website will introduce Vedic Medical Sciences, especially Marma Science and principles of Marma Therapy. It will also give Mrityunjay Mission’s objectives and work’s experience with Marma Therapy through its health camps and treatment centres, workshops and training programmes. Also will be exposed the relationship of the Marma system with Yoga and the technique of Self- Marma therapy as a daily re-energising system, as well as its difference from other more common therapies like acupressure.

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