Mrityunjay Mission Haridwar | A Marma Therapy Center

Marma Chikitsa Kendra in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is at the foothills of the Himalayas and is a very small town, surrounded by a ring of mountains and the Ganga flowing sometimes in a flood, sometimes peacefully. Apart from the population of ordinary people there is a large presence of ashrams, large and old, small and new and the ochre robe is everywhere.

Himalayan Hospital (HIHT) has a small hospital (satellite centre) in Rishikesh and agreed to provide space for a weekly Marma Chikitsa Kendra. Two volunteer therapists were identified in Rishikesh and Dr Sunil Joshi and his associate doctors and students, in rotation were to provide the weekly medical team. The weekly clinic was initiated by the Rishikesh members/associates of Mrityunjay Mission, Akhila Ghosh, Avik Ghosh, and Chandrasekhar Sharma and is at present managed by them.

From the 3rd of May 2010, was started a charitable weekly clinic in Rishikesh dedicated only to Marma Therapy, the first of its kind. An average of 25-40 patients comes every week. They represent diseases covering osteoarthritis, sciatica, paralysis, spondylosis, hypertension, diabetes, painful knee diseases, loss of speech, dwarfism, height, slipped disc, accident trauma, neurological disorders etc. and are receiving successful treatment.

The protocol in the clinic after diagnosis by the doctor is Marma treatment and then a thorough explanation and training of the patient or attendant for daily follow up before repeat treatment at the next weeks clinic.

The Rishikesh Marma Chikitsa clinic services, apart from middle-class people, many poor also and a sizeable number of sadhaks and sannyasis. The clinic charges a small registration fee and provides medicines selectively to the needy only. We hope it will continue to provide satisfaction to the increasing demands of patients that is now being generated.