Training: Workshop on Marma Science in Delhi

A workshop on Marma Sience comprising a lecture, audiovisual presentation, demonstration and minimal training was held in Delhi on 21st April 2010. It was held at the instance of Shri KN Rao, Advisor, of the Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi and attended by people from various walks of life, mainly from his body of students.

Dr Sunil Joshi made an audiovisual presentation on the Self-healing powers inherent in man which can be activated through Marma therapy and on the history and fundamentals of Marma science. He spoke about the inherence of Marma in normal human postures and religious practice and its use for curing disease, maintenance of physical and mental health and spiritual advancement. He also spoke about the particular value of this inexpensive and largely self-dependent therapy in the present times of unscrupulous and expensive medical service.

He demonstrated the various important marma points for common use, treated a polio-ridden girl for instant relief and explained marma points to various individuals and groups for their different ailments. He was accompanied and assisted by members of Mrityunjay Mission Akhila Ghosh and Avik Ghosh.

We give below some excerpts from the workshop report, which included feedback and was published in the Journal of the Institute of Astrology.

  • Excerpt I (from feedback)-Marma Therapy: Col. Gour

Marma Therapy is based on Susruta Samhita  the ancient treatise of surgery. This work lists 107 vital points (marmas) located in our bodies. Energising these marmas through pressure exerted by the person himself under the guidance of a trained therapist stimulates the brain centres controlling the concerned organs / limbs which cures the disease as well as relieves the pain.

Dr Joshi’s explanation of this therapy was brilliant. He practically demonstrated the Self Marma therapy to a spellbound audience. Manoj Kaushik was the lucky model on whose body the marmas were shown and the manner of identifying and stimulating these points was explained. The results were immediate and amazingly effective. A polio-ridden young girl showed remarkable improvement within a few minutes of pressurizing her marma points.

  • Excerpt 2 (from main report by Deepak Bisaria )-Marma as I Understand

In the face of deficiency of trust in the present day medical test reports, diagnosis and treatment by money-making medical centres, it is natural and holistic to get attracted to marma. My understanding is that everyone of us is born with the potential to cure his or her own ailments with his own hands…

Mrityunjay Mission

Clearly, the practice of this science can not only cure chronic and incurable diseases but is sure to elevate the practitioner physically, morally and spiritually to a higher level. Dr Joshi’s organization is called Mrityunjay Mission: Mrityunjay being the healing aspect of Lord Shiva. There is a treasure of medical knowledge that could be tapped in the Vedas. Dr Joshi explained Marma Science and its fundamentals with great clarity with the help of graphics. The 107 vital points in the body, which can be anatomically located in the five constituents of ligament, blood vessel, nerve, muscle and bone were explained. Energising these vital points through pressure can stimulate the brain centres that control organs and limbs and set right diseases as well as relieve pain. Like yogic practice, regular self-marma therapy practice can maintain health in a healthy individual and gradually waken spiritual centres also…. He (Dr Joshi) said that marma therapy can treat a range of diseases and avert various kinds of surgery.

The Vedas and vedic medical sciences with their holistic attitudes to health have a different approach compared to modern medicine.

Self -Marma is the shortest way of exercise .At any time, at any place and in any posture one can stimulate the marmas of upper and lower extremities as well as the marmas of other parts of the body. It takes a maximum of 10 minutes to complete the self marma therapy.

The 150 people who witnessed (the workshop) at the end of it were full of praise.

  • Excerpt 3 (from feedback)
  1. Mrs Renuka Singh, wife of Mr Karnail Singh experienced instant relief from her shoulder problem. She could raise her hand without pain freely.
  2. Mail of Radhika reproduced: My sister Padma attended marma chikitsa workshop on 21st April. I could not attend as it was a working day. Padma has keen interest in learning self healing therapies. She has learnt reiki and through books she learnt acupressure also. For all problems she prefers to suggest homeopathy or natural home remedies. Her experience about this workshop was awesome. She says, Dr Sunil Joshi is very knowledgeable and the workshop was useful and informative for self healing. Since Dr Joshi is a medical doctor, his approach to this therapy is very scientific. He conducted this workshop in a very methodical way. The two-week old pain in her knees is being self cured by her. She finds marma therapy very effective. After coming back from the workshop, she taught me all the reflex points (marma points) to press in the body. Now, me and my sister are doing for my mother, as my mother is suffering from acute arthritis from last two decades and we are seeing marginal improvement.

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We conclude this report on the workshop with expressing of a hope that gradually, the goodness of marma therapy will spread more and more, through building a chain of transfer of knowledge. In fact, consequent to the above workshop, it was offered by Shri KN Rao to publish Dr Joshi’s book on Marma Science. Then, upon the occasion of the release of the book on August 20th, a second workshop was held as a follow-up. More will be found later in this newsletter about this important event of the publication of this book based on original research on Marma Science.