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Case 2: ANKYLOSING SPONDYLOSIS-Mr Pramod Singh, New Delhi

He was suffering from Ankylosing Spondylosis for the last 27 years. HLA B-27 specific test for AS was positive. He was treated by many doctors for the disease but did not respond. Being progressive in nature, the disease had affected the whole spine, including the cervical region, the hip joint and other joints of extremities. There was severe pain. There was ankylosis of the while spine and the patient was unable to move the spine in any direction. When he had to look in any direction, he had to move his whole body as he could not move his neck. There was severe pain and stiffness in the whole of the body. He was treated by immuno-suppressive drugs, chemotherapeutic agents, steroids, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, but could not be relieved. Physiotherapy and other procedures like acupressure etc, were also adopted during this period.

Marma therapy was started in August 2009. The patient responded sitting by sitting and he was able to move comfortably within one month. Pain was also reduced upto some extent. Postures were also corrected somewhat. Now, after six months, he is back to his daily routine. His neck moves upto seventy-eighty degrees in all directions. Pain is almost abolished and no pain-killers are being taken. Mr Promod Singh was unable to get relief for many years. Finally, he is almost completely relieved and is hopeful of complete cure.