Case 3: CEREBRAL ATAXIA-Dr Shobha Lal, Dehra Dun

Dr Shobha Lal was suffering from Cerabral Ataxia with the symptoms of tremors all over the body, difficulty in walking and performing routine tasks. There was problem in walking and writing, and she needed assistance to walk. For years together, she underwent all medical investigations but proper diagnosis could not be made. She underwent treatment but could not get relief. Her condition progressively worsened.There was no hope within modern medical science.

Marma therapy was started in April 2009. After a couple of sittings she responded very well. As an immediate effect, her handwriting improved considerably. Marma therapy was continued and now she is able to walk properly without any assistance and she is back to her normal routine. Dr Lal dilated upon the hopelessness of her initial condition and her perplexity that the tests of modern medical science revealed no clues. She expressed her great happiness with the previous unknown therapy of Marma Chikitsa and the tremendous unexpected improvement, to the extent that she is hopeful of resuming her duties as a surgeon. And now, as a doctor of modern medical science, she has become deeply interested in the healing science of Marma that has rehabilitated her.