Mrityunjay Mission Training Programme in Haridwar (20-24 November 2011)–A Report

Mrityunjay Mission, Foundation for Vedic Medical Sciences, completed its latest 5-day training course (20 -24 November 2011) on Marma Science and Therapy in Haridwar. Marma Science is an ancient and unique medical knowledge, the essence of which is stated as ‘ marmasthana prana urja ke ghanibhuta kendra, that is, marma points are the centres of the accumulative sites of vital force or prana in the human body.

The fundamentals of this science are found in the ancient Sushruta Samhita but the knowledge of its therapeutic usage was lost in time and has now been revived and systematized into a body of therapeutic knowledge which has the astonishing capacity to cure, sometimes almost instantly, a number of serious and otherwise incurable diseases, by stimulating the vital or marma points appropriately.

This revival of marma science has been done through painstaking textual and practical research by Dr Sunil Kumar Joshi, Ayurvedic surgeon and President, Mrityunjay Mission and thousands of patients have been successfully treated for serious diseases like paralysis, cerebral palsy, avascular necrosis, accident trauma, severe neurological and orthopaedic ailments as well as common diseases like diabetes, spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension etc.

It is important to note that one aspect of marma is prophylactic and re-energising and can be adopted as a regular daily practice like yoga or ritual prayer. In fact, marma science is based on the astonishing power of self-healing that is inherent in the human system and conferred by the Divine Power. Mrityunjay Mission takes its name from the deity of healing Mrityunjay and prescribes for its trainees and therapists a unique and concise daily routine of yogic, marma and mantra practice, collectively known as ‘achara samhita’. This is taught in the training course.

Mrityunjay Mission is headquartered in Haridwar and also has a clinical centre in Rishikesh. Though training has been imparted over the years under the apprenticeship of Dr Sunil Joshi and to individual patients for their own follow-up therapy, structured courses for medical and lay people have been offered in the last few years. Training courses have also been introduced in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi and Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar.

The present training course had 25 registered participants from different parts of India consisting of doctors as well as lay people and students from Gurukul Kangri University and Patanjali Yogpeeth. The training course was inaugurated by Sri Swami Kailashananda, Peethadheeshwar, Dakshin Kali Mandir, Haridwar and was presided over by Mahamandaleshwar Sri Swami Vishwadevananda, Vishwa Kalyan Sadhanayatan, Kankhal, Haridwar. The valediction was performed by Dr Sudharani Pandey, Vice Chancellor, Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, when certificates of participation were distributed to the trainees.

The marma science training programme consisted of lectures and presentations on the historical background, concept and theory of science, and hands-on practical training as well as confidence-building measures through treatment of patients in the presence of the trainees.

Mrityunjay Mission comprises of doctors, medical students, religious people and those active in healthcare and vedic sciences.

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