Training: Workshop on Marma Science in Delhi

A workshop on Marma Sience comprising a lecture, audiovisual presentation, demonstration and minimal training was held in Delhi on 21st April 2010. It was held at the instance of Shri KN Rao, Advisor, of the Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi and attended by people from various walks of life, mainly from his body of students.

Dr Sunil Joshi made an audiovisual presentation on the Self-healing powers inherent in man which can be activated through Marma therapy and on the history and fundamentals of Marma science. He spoke about the inherence of Marma in normal human postures and religious practice and its use for curing disease, maintenance of physical and mental health and spiritual advancement. He also spoke about the particular value of this inexpensive and largely self-dependent therapy in the present times of unscrupulous and expensive medical service.

He demonstrated the various important marma points for common use, treated a polio-ridden girl for instant relief and explained marma points to various individuals and groups for their different ailments. He was accompanied and assisted by members of Mrityunjay Mission Akhila Ghosh and Avik Ghosh.

We give below some excerpts from the workshop report, which included feedback and was published in the Journal of the Institute of Astrology.

  • Excerpt I (from feedback)-Marma Therapy: Col. Gour

Marma Therapy is based on Susruta Samhita  the ancient treatise of surgery. This work lists 107 vital points (marmas) located in our bodies. Energising these marmas through pressure exerted by the person himself under the guidance of a trained therapist stimulates the brain centres controlling the concerned organs / limbs which cures the disease as well as relieves the pain.

Dr Joshi’s explanation of this therapy was brilliant. He practically demonstrated the Self Marma therapy to a spellbound audience. Manoj Kaushik was the lucky model on whose body the marmas were shown and the manner of identifying and stimulating these points was explained. The results were immediate and amazingly effective. A polio-ridden young girl showed remarkable improvement within a few minutes of pressurizing her marma points.

  • Excerpt 2 (from main report by Deepak Bisaria )-Marma as I Understand

In the face of deficiency of trust in the present day medical test reports, diagnosis and treatment by money-making medical centres, it is natural and holistic to get attracted to marma. My understanding is that everyone of us is born with the potential to cure his or her own ailments with his own hands…

Mrityunjay Mission

Clearly, the practice of this science can not only cure chronic and incurable diseases but is sure to elevate the practitioner physically, morally and spiritually to a higher level. Dr Joshi’s organization is called Mrityunjay Mission: Mrityunjay being the healing aspect of Lord Shiva. There is a treasure of medical knowledge that could be tapped in the Vedas. Dr Joshi explained Marma Science and its fundamentals with great clarity with the help of graphics. The 107 vital points in the body, which can be anatomically located in the five constituents of ligament, blood vessel, nerve, muscle and bone were explained. Energising these vital points through pressure can stimulate the brain centres that control organs and limbs and set right diseases as well as relieve pain. Like yogic practice, regular self-marma therapy practice can maintain health in a healthy individual and gradually waken spiritual centres also…. He (Dr Joshi) said that marma therapy can treat a range of diseases and avert various kinds of surgery.

The Vedas and vedic medical sciences with their holistic attitudes to health have a different approach compared to modern medicine.

Self -Marma is the shortest way of exercise .At any time, at any place and in any posture one can stimulate the marmas of upper and lower extremities as well as the marmas of other parts of the body. It takes a maximum of 10 minutes to complete the self marma therapy.

The 150 people who witnessed (the workshop) at the end of it were full of praise.

  • Excerpt 3 (from feedback)
  1. Mrs Renuka Singh, wife of Mr Karnail Singh experienced instant relief from her shoulder problem. She could raise her hand without pain freely.
  2. Mail of Radhika reproduced: My sister Padma attended marma chikitsa workshop on 21st April. I could not attend as it was a working day. Padma has keen interest in learning self healing therapies. She has learnt reiki and through books she learnt acupressure also. For all problems she prefers to suggest homeopathy or natural home remedies. Her experience about this workshop was awesome. She says, Dr Sunil Joshi is very knowledgeable and the workshop was useful and informative for self healing. Since Dr Joshi is a medical doctor, his approach to this therapy is very scientific. He conducted this workshop in a very methodical way. The two-week old pain in her knees is being self cured by her. She finds marma therapy very effective. After coming back from the workshop, she taught me all the reflex points (marma points) to press in the body. Now, me and my sister are doing for my mother, as my mother is suffering from acute arthritis from last two decades and we are seeing marginal improvement.

*brackets are ours.


We conclude this report on the workshop with expressing of a hope that gradually, the goodness of marma therapy will spread more and more, through building a chain of transfer of knowledge. In fact, consequent to the above workshop, it was offered by Shri KN Rao to publish Dr Joshi’s book on Marma Science. Then, upon the occasion of the release of the book on August 20th, a second workshop was held as a follow-up. More will be found later in this newsletter about this important event of the publication of this book based on original research on Marma Science.

Marma Chikitsa Kendra in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is at the foothills of the Himalayas and is a very small town, surrounded by a ring of mountains and the Ganga flowing sometimes in a flood, sometimes peacefully. Apart from the population of ordinary people there is a large presence of ashrams, large and old, small and new and the ochre robe is everywhere.

Himalayan Hospital (HIHT) has a small hospital (satellite centre) in Rishikesh and agreed to provide space for a weekly Marma Chikitsa Kendra. Two volunteer therapists were identified in Rishikesh and Dr Sunil Joshi and his associate doctors and students, in rotation were to provide the weekly medical team. The weekly clinic was initiated by the Rishikesh members/associates of Mrityunjay Mission, Akhila Ghosh, Avik Ghosh, and Chandrasekhar Sharma and is at present managed by them.

From the 3rd of May 2010, was started a charitable weekly clinic in Rishikesh dedicated only to Marma Therapy, the first of its kind. An average of 25-40 patients comes every week. They represent diseases covering osteoarthritis, sciatica, paralysis, spondylosis, hypertension, diabetes, painful knee diseases, loss of speech, dwarfism, height, slipped disc, accident trauma, neurological disorders etc. and are receiving successful treatment.

The protocol in the clinic after diagnosis by the doctor is Marma treatment and then a thorough explanation and training of the patient or attendant for daily follow up before repeat treatment at the next weeks clinic.

The Rishikesh Marma Chikitsa clinic services, apart from middle-class people, many poor also and a sizeable number of sadhaks and sannyasis. The clinic charges a small registration fee and provides medicines selectively to the needy only. We hope it will continue to provide satisfaction to the increasing demands of patients that is now being generated.

Health Camps

Many thousands of patients have been successfully treated through Marma therapy, in various situations like hospitals, clinics and health camps. Feedback from the patients and its further application and further research and feedback, in a continuous cycle, has now resulted in a powerful body of therapeutic knowledge. As a non-medicinal and non surgical intervention, Marma Chikitsa can now deal with a wide range of diseases, including orthopaedic and neurological disorders including paralysis, diabetes, anxiety, abdominal discomforts and backaches, and also provide therapy averting the need for various kinds of surgery. These diseases and many more have been treated in various health camps over the last several years.

Innumerable health camps, administering Marma therapy, have been conducted in several places. They began in the Uttarkashi region, around Malla. initiated by the Manav Kalyan Mission. Subsequently, the camps have spread to small and big places like Haridwar and Rishikesh in Uttarakhand, Fazilka, Moga and Jullunder in Punjab, Vrindavan, Luknow, Hathras and Agra in UP, Gohana in Haryana, and Bangalore and Mauritius. Usually the camps are for 2 days and service around 300 to 1000 patients, sometimes with routine problems, sometimes with serious problems and many times with astounding and unthinkable results. Patients are given instruction in their own follow-up by self-Marma therapy. Usually the doctor operates with a small team of volunteers, and the entire medical service is provided free of any charge

Case 4: AVASCULAR NECROSIS-Mr Pramod Vatsalya, Rishikesh

Mr Pramod Vatsalya met with a car accident and got injured in his right hip joint. After the accident he suffered from Avascular Necrosis of the head of the Femur bone. There was severe pain, stiffness in the hip joint, along with a limp in the leg, to the extent that he was unable to walk with ease or climb steps. He consulted senior orthopedic surgeons and was advised to go for hip replacement surgery, but he was not inclined to go for surgical intervention.

Marma therapy was started in March 2009. Symptomatic response regarding pain was observed within a few days and regular Marma therapy was provided to him. This was followed up by his own effort, with self-Marma therapy, for several months, with occasional therapy interventions by the doctor. He is now able to go for regular walks and climb stairs. Mr Vatsalya was not only hopeful but certain of avoiding any hip replacement or any other surgical intervention. He was happy to be supported in his medical position by relevant X-Ray reports.

Case 3: CEREBRAL ATAXIA-Dr Shobha Lal, Dehra Dun

Dr Shobha Lal was suffering from Cerabral Ataxia with the symptoms of tremors all over the body, difficulty in walking and performing routine tasks. There was problem in walking and writing, and she needed assistance to walk. For years together, she underwent all medical investigations but proper diagnosis could not be made. She underwent treatment but could not get relief. Her condition progressively worsened.There was no hope within modern medical science.

Marma therapy was started in April 2009. After a couple of sittings she responded very well. As an immediate effect, her handwriting improved considerably. Marma therapy was continued and now she is able to walk properly without any assistance and she is back to her normal routine. Dr Lal dilated upon the hopelessness of her initial condition and her perplexity that the tests of modern medical science revealed no clues. She expressed her great happiness with the previous unknown therapy of Marma Chikitsa and the tremendous unexpected improvement, to the extent that she is hopeful of resuming her duties as a surgeon. And now, as a doctor of modern medical science, she has become deeply interested in the healing science of Marma that has rehabilitated her.

Case 2: ANKYLOSING SPONDYLOSIS-Mr Pramod Singh, New Delhi

He was suffering from Ankylosing Spondylosis for the last 27 years. HLA B-27 specific test for AS was positive. He was treated by many doctors for the disease but did not respond. Being progressive in nature, the disease had affected the whole spine, including the cervical region, the hip joint and other joints of extremities. There was severe pain. There was ankylosis of the while spine and the patient was unable to move the spine in any direction. When he had to look in any direction, he had to move his whole body as he could not move his neck. There was severe pain and stiffness in the whole of the body. He was treated by immuno-suppressive drugs, chemotherapeutic agents, steroids, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, but could not be relieved. Physiotherapy and other procedures like acupressure etc, were also adopted during this period.

Marma therapy was started in August 2009. The patient responded sitting by sitting and he was able to move comfortably within one month. Pain was also reduced upto some extent. Postures were also corrected somewhat. Now, after six months, he is back to his daily routine. His neck moves upto seventy-eighty degrees in all directions. Pain is almost abolished and no pain-killers are being taken. Mr Promod Singh was unable to get relief for many years. Finally, he is almost completely relieved and is hopeful of complete cure.

Case 1: Fibromatosis-Mrs Rakhi Agarwal

  • Last advice before initiating Marma Therapy: Dr. Suresh H. Adwani, Medical Oncologist, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Delhi.
  • Name: – Rakhi Agarwal;Age: – 28 years Female
  • Since December 2003, Recurrent fibromatosis (Posterior aspect of thigh up to calf, extensive disease) it is inoperable.
  • Advice- Tablet- Imaget 400 mg once daily for six weeks. (12-04-08)
  • Continue Imaget 400 mg for four months. (25-06-08)

The patient was asymptomatic before 8 yrs, but in the starting of 2003 the patient started feeling pain in posterio-medical aspect just below the thigh and in calf muscle of right leg. Gradually the pain increased and that area also became harder. She went to H.I.H.T. Hospital(Jolly Grant)Dehra Dun for her treatment; after examining her, the doctor suggested a biopsy and MRI of right thigh and leg. Histopathology report was clear evidence of Fibromatosis in her right leg. After diagnosing Fibromatosis the doctor advised surgery and she was operated in the same hospital in 2004.

After surgery she was asymptomatic for three and half years, but again she started feeling pain in the same leg at the same site. Then she again went to the hospital where doctors had done MRI, in which findings were suggestive of recurrence of Fibromatosis.

At that time she was pregnant so doctors advised her not to take any allopathic medicine until her delivery. So,then she started taking homeopathic medicine from a homeopath during pregnancy. But she could not get relief from homeopathic medicine. After some time of her delivery, she developed Deep Vein Thrombosis in her left leg. She took treatment for D.V.T. for one year but during that period tumour of fibromatosis spread in her whole right thigh and leg. Doctors of H.I.H.T. referred her to Delhi for better management.

In Delhi, in April 2008 she consulted in Dharamshila Hospital, Mata Chanan Devi Hospital and Indraprastha Apollo Hospital. Again MRI was done and after seeing her report doctors suggested that it is a case of recurrent fibromatosis (Posterior aspect of thigh up to calf, extensive disease). It is inoperable and even after surgery her right leg will not work properly. She was advised tablet Imaget 400 mg once daily for six weeks. (12-04-08) and to continue Imaget 400 mg for four months. (25-06-08)

Then she came back to Haridwar and started treatment from Dr. S.K.Joshi, for Fibromatosis in June 2008. She was treated with Marma therapy along with Ayurvedic medication. After starting this treatment she discontinued taking tablet imaget 400 mg. After regular Marma therapy for three months again MRI was done, which was suggestive of no further increase in the size of tumour and after one and half years again MRI was done in which there was significant reduction in the size of tumour as compared with previous MRI, which was amazing and not less than a miracle in the field of medical sciences.

From the very first day of Marma therapy she got tremendous response in pain and stiffness. Usually for pain she used to take analgesic and anti inflammatory medicine regularly. From the very first day of Marma therapy there was no need of any analgesic medicine. Now she has no pain in her right leg and she hopes that in few months she will be cured completely.

Treatment and Case Studies

Case Studies

The activities of Mrityunjay Mission extends well before the actual and formal establishment of the Mission, and covers areas of research and treatment. Here we cover largely Marma treatment including some case studies, done in the main centre in Haridwar, in the clinics of Dr Joshi, several health camps dealing with Marma Chikitsa, and a weekly clinic in Rishikesh dedicated to Marma therapy—-these broadly describe therapeutic activities.

  1. Fibromatosis: Mrs Rakhi Agarwal
  2. ANKYLOSING SPONDYLOSIS: Mr Pramod Singh, New Delhi
  3. CEREBRAL ATAXIA: Dr Shobha Lal, Dehra Dun
  4. AVASCULAR NECROSIS: Mr Pramod Vatsalya, Rishikesh

Direct Knowledge from Plants and Trees

a little-known or forgotten aspect in Ayurveda, the foremost Vedic Medical Science

In the Indian cultural tradition, the highest aim of human life is to spiritually evolve through fostering the four Purusharthas of Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha, and get released from the cycle of birth and death and merge in God.

The real means and basis of achieving these Purusharthas is the total health of the body. Among the seven blessings that have been mentioned, the first blessing is healthy body. In the foremost text of Ayurveda, the Charaka Samhita, in the Sutra1/15, the same thing is said Dharmaarthakamamokshanam Arogyam Moolamantramam —health is the foundation of Dharmaarthakamamoksha.

These days people are turning away from Nature, turning away from one’s own consciousness, because of which man has lost his state of natural health or Swasthya. For man to regain health of the body, filled with a pure mind and consciousness, the Margdarshan or the way shown by Ayurveda, is essential. Ayurveda connects man to one’s own nature and consciousness. It imparts knowledge of a superior lifestyle. The oldest science in the world concerning itself with health and medical treatment is Ayurveda.

In this world, there is not any substance that does not have medicinal properties. According to different needs, in different ways, every substance can be purified and used as medicine, often proven to be life-saving.

There was a time, long ago, when there used to be dialogue between human beings and plants and trees! When a man, filled with great respect and permeated with a feeling of love, asked the tree, for instance a Pipul tree, Oh Medicine of the Forest, Oh Pipul Tree, tell me how you can be useful to me, what you can do for me? So that, by using your parts, we can become healthy in body and mind.

Then, after listening to the man’s words, filled with great respect and love, the Pipul tree,
pleased, replies’ Oh man, my leaves, fruits, branches, aerial roots, and roots, will benefit you in this way—–you will benefit also from sitting and sleeping by me.

In the same way, they would go to a Neem tree and other trees and plants and ask and converse with them, and by that, easily learn their utility and them put it to use. These are all natural things and man will be happy to whatever extent he stays close to Nature and the further he moves away from Nature, to that extent, he will be unhappy. In ancient times, human beings sat under the Kalpavriksh in the same way and what they wished they received. Mention of this is also there in Jain texts. 

Learning so much from plants and trees, our Rishi-Munis, searching through the power of their intellect and intuition, found out what more benefits can be derived from plants. These things came to the fore as to the essence of which plant materials would yield what medicinal materials and what medicine can be made from them; the plant material obtained under what star can be utilized for what, with what medium can the medicine be consumed and what benefit will result from it, what benefit will come from keeping which ‘jadi-bhooti’ close to oneself etcetera. From many angles, the utilization of several plant parts was taught. Even now, benefit can be derived from that research. Apart from Maharshi Charak and Sushruta, several Jain Munis and Acharyas have done deep study, research and application on the subjects of body-mind, lifestyle, diet, medicine and medical science. Thus, Ayurveda is not a mere medical science but a complete science of life.

Rishi Munis of India, after having gained comprehensive knowledge of human existence and the secret of human life and its span, searched for the means of stabilizing the life force and preventing disease. Along with this, the Muni Rishis obtained long life and showed the way to achieve Samadhi, removing obstacles to long life like illness and disease.

Bhagawan Mahavir, the last Jain tirthankar’s achievement of Kaivalya or Sarvajna, the state of supreme Knowledge, is world-famous. When Mahavir became the All-Knowing, he was in meditation under a Sal Tree. You can imagine the great contribution of the Sal Tree in His obtaining Samadhi or Supreme Knowledge. This inspires us to think that trees and plants have a singular role in the movement of the individual soul towards the Universal Soul. Without the support of Nature in this universe, we cannot obtain the aim of life, that is Moksha.

(This is an edited form of an article contributed to the Mrityunjay Mission Newsletter by Jain Muni Arvind Kumar)

Mrityunjay Mission and Vedic Medical Science

Mrityunjay Mission is a Foundation for Vedic Medical Sciences. What are Vedic Medical Sciences? Mrityunjay literally means victory over death. This may be some ultimate aspect and aspiration of medical science, restoring of life in untimely death. However, death is also all forms of morbidity, or loss of vitality, which in Ayurveda, is the basis of disease. Restoring of vitality is principal to restoring of health.

Various medical systems arose out of the Vedas and subsequent texts based on them, the most well-known being Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Vagbhatta Samhita, along with sections in the Brahmanas, Puranas and Upanishads. These medical sciences are also associated with the knowledge of the rishis like Maharshis Sushruta, Charaka, Vagbhatta, Kanad, Nagarjuna, Galava, Agastya and Pulastya.

Medical science of those times, — Vedic medical sciences — did not have the contours of present day medicine. It was much more deeply related to Nature and its movements, both physical and spiritual, both within us and outside us. These days the word for this kind of approach is holistic, a somewhat insufficient description of the ancient vision.

These ancient medical sciences deal with the well-being of body, mind and spirit and its relationship with daily lifestyle and social and natural environment. The science of yoga can also be called a medical science, in this sense. Ayurveda, including Panchakarma therapies of oil massage and purification are well-known Vedic Medical Sciences. Other Vedic medical sciences and therapies like Jal Chikitsa and Surya Chikitsa were also known.

Surgery was also a Vedic Science and included the use of implements as well as medicated threads, anesthesia, and other para-surgical methods of blood-letting and leach application. Some branches of Vedic surgery are still practiced (Dr Joshi being himself a surgeon). Marma therapy for neurological and neurosurgical lesions, Kshar-Sutra treatment for ano-rectal diseases, Karna-Vedhan for bronchial asthma and inguionosecrotal swelling. Other ancient branches of surgery include Madhu Vidya, Pravargya Vidya, Snajivani Vidya, Panchamahabhoota Chikitsa and deal with restorative and reconstructive surgery, including organ transplant, hetero-grafting and reviving of dead organs including the brain. Madhu Vidya comprises of reconstructive surgery and preservation of injured organs of the body along with the use of medicament. Pravargya Vidya is the technique of preserving of severed organs , cross-grafting or hetero-grafting. We have mention of this in ancient texts. Sanjivani Vidya deals with reviving of dead organs. It also refers to reviving of persons already in state of morbidity, that is reviving of a dead person. Panchamahabhoota Vidya deals with treatment and transformation of basic elements of the body, from one into another, for the purpose of reviving different organs including the brain.

Marma Science is also an ancient medical science and remained hidden, gupta vidya, for a long time, known only to kings and as methods for warfare. But it was also the basis for many religious practices and a healing art. This aspect was lost in antiquity and though known in modern times to some practitioners in a limited way, its full scope for healing and scientific basis remained unknown. However, prolonged research yielded a major breakthrough in Marma Science and provided a powerful therapy for Mrityujay Mission’s work.

Marma Science is based on the Sushruta Samhita and the 107 vital points in the body, which can be anatomically located in the five constituents of ligament, blood vessel, nerve, muscle and bone. Energising these vital points through pressure from trained therapists and follow-up by others can stimulate the brain centres that control organs and limbs and set right diseases as well as relieve pain. Like Yogic practice, regular self-marma therapy / practice can maintain health in a healthy individual and gradually awaken spiritual centres.

This is a very brief sketch of the Vedic Medical Sciences that Mrityunjay Mission stands for and would like to practice and spread for the benefit of humanity